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Marco Antonio Jordan is a specialist in men’s fashion and an influencer who uses digital platforms to speak to his audience. He owns the line of footwear that bears his name, and operates in the Brazilian and United States markets.

“November Blue” campaign on care to prevent prostate cancer, published by the Union of Sales Representatives of São Paulo – Brazil.

Title: “There is no male who can withstand prostate cancer”.

Usuvias – Company profile

Wine Door – Wine delivery shop

Red June Campaign 2014 – Blood donation

International Mission “Possible Dreams” – E-mail marketing to publicize the program of workshops in Orlando – Florida – USA.

Title: “The Secrets of Successful Salespeople”.

Int’l Women’s Day 2019 homage – Netz Engineering.

Title: “Today is the day of celebrating the humanity” 

Tribute for the 460 Years of the city of São Paulo.

Title: “If New York is the “Big Apple”, São Paulo is the “Big Heart”.

Ardiri folder – Electric damage protection.

Press Release – Mestre Solano is a guitar player of typical music from the State of Pará – Brazil, considered the Brazilian B.B.King for his skill and musicality, with strong Caribbean influence, performed with his red Gibson.

Campaign APVD Card, from the Sales Professionals Association – São Paulo – Brazil. 

Red September campaign to Prevent heart ilnesses.

Title: “We want you healthy. From the bottom of our heart.”

Sellers Day Celebration. 

Ardiri folder – Electric damage protection.

APVD Association – Institutional Advertising

Pan-american Day of the Sales Professionals.

Bike Band – Psychedelic music group press release.

September Red Campaign for the Salesmen Union from São Paulo – blood donation.

Title: “Who lives selling … also donates for life.”

Pink October campaign on breast cancer prevention.

Mestre Solano – Brazilian musician – press release.

Cidade de São Paulo Anniversary Celebration.

Title: “All of us are São Paulo”.

Father’s Day Celebration – Salesmen Union from São Paulo

Wine Door – Wine delivery shop

Blue November – Campaign on the prevention of prostate cancer

Title: “A man who is really a man … takes care of himself!”.

Pan-american Sales Representatives Day.

Title: “loosen your tie and rest, because today is your day”.

Father’s Day 2015.

Title: “Today is the day of my best friend … my best companion … my best teacher … of my hero.
My Father’s Day!”.

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